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Next Generation Time Zone Clocks

Best In Business

Our passion for excellence has driven us from the beginning, and continues to drive us into the future. The team at Top Tech Clocks knows that time is money, and time is a premium. Thus,  we have produced the most user-friendly, fastest programmable time zone clocks on the market. Our patent pending and unprecedented time zone system virtually eliminates tech calls and complicated, incomprehensible instructional manuals. TTC only builds time zone systems. We focus all our resources on being the best. 

"Lost time is never found again."

                       -Benjamin Franklin

An innovative tech company of accomplished, professional staff providing 70+ years of combined workplace experience in the areas of time zone clocks, IT securities, coding, and sales.  

TAA compliant/green energy LCD time zone clocks. 100% user-friendly. Customizable with built-in templates, database of 200,000 cities and military bases worldwide, color changeable background, time, label, and date. Forget manual time zone calculations and daylight savings adjustments. Our clock automatically loads all time/location settings, including centering labels, saving you time and effort. Easily save and recall thousands of formats using the included touchscreen remote for each clock, giving you convenient access at any time. Wireless and wired options available for high security areas of concern. TCXO-RTC and NTP capable for lifetime accuracy.


"Time is the most valuable thing one can spend."

                                         - Theophrastrus

Top Tech Clocks is led by a multi-faceted team of
ingenuitive and innovative professionals with 7+
decades of combined workplace experience in time
zone clocks, IT securities, coding, and sales arenas.

The TTC business model is driven by a desire to
provide the most technologically advanced,
streamlined, and user-friendly time zone systems to
military, government, and business entities.

At TTC, not only is time our profession, it is our
passion, and we value YOUR time! Top Tech Clocks
adheres to the "age-old" philosophy that time is
money. Our time-zone system adds value and saves
your organization or business money by utilizing
proprietary, patent-pending, smart-search databased
software, creating a rapid and refined user
experience. Our streamlined time-zone system
ensures that we will add value to your company or
organization. If time = $$$$, then choose Top Tech Clocks!

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