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Pros to TTC Products




User-Friendly System

Not A User-Friendly System

  • Searchable built-in database containing 200,000 cities and military bases worldwide. 

  • Automatically calculates time zone offsets, daylight savings, and centers labels.

  •  Eliminates tech calls by using understandable/navigational on-screen instructions. 

  • The entire system can be programmed within minutes. So easy that a person with no instructions can program a clock in 5 minutes or less. (yes, we tested this scenario).

  • Simplified yet sophisticated system. 

  • Multiple displays can communicate wirelessly with our remote. 

  • Uses dated, thirty-year-old technology.

  • Requires navigation through dozens of menu system modes to program one zone.

  • Takes experienced user 10-15 minutes to program one time zone. 

  • Must determine your own time zone and daylight savings offsets for each zone. 

  • Must manually center each label.

  • Confusing user manual.

  • Complicated programming sessions typically result in lengthy tech calls.

  • Takes entire IT departments days figuring out how to operate the clock.

  • LCD technology

  • Uses updated 24/7 rated commercial LCD technology.

  • Meets industry tested/evaluated reliability standards.

  • Uses brand name TAA compliant displays.

  • No LED's that can fail or burnout resulting in a defective product.

  • Purchase our software upgrade package at any time to upgrade to the latest and greatest software features, which we can push conveniently via the Internet or ship on a USB drive. 

Technologically Advanced

Not Technologically Advanced

  • LED technology

  • Utilizing 30-40 year old outdated technology.

  • High rate of product failure. 

  • Each time zone clock has thousands of LED's installed which could fail at any time resulting in long repair times. This leaves the customer without their time zone clock for weeks to months. 

  • Old technology is not compatible with newer technology requiring a new time zone clock to be purchased.

  • Product is tested on the customer. 


  • SCIF secured system without wireless network/Bluetooth are available for top secret secured rooms.

  • RTC chips on secured systems provides accurate timing for 12 months, manual time update can easily be done with a few clicks. 

  • Systems can be connected to the Internet for active time sync with NTP servers.

  • Displays can be used for multi-purpose applications. 

  • In stock items ship out in 2 business days.

  • Software only option allows customer to use a projector or an 1080P HD display, which is a first of its kind, allows for a 300"+ time zone clock on the wall.

Remote Capabilities

  • Touchscreen remote included with each wired and wireless unit. 

  • Touchscreen remote with first of its kind built-in database for cities and military bases worldwide.

  • Built-in templates ranging from 1-48 time zones depending on the system purchased. (Custom templates upon request)

  • Save and recall thousands of customized template layouts.

  • 16 different color changeable options to customize background, time, label, and date of each individual zone. 

  • Built-in simplified instructions aid in programming experience. 

Remote Capabilities

  • Slow operating IR remote.

  • Included IR remote automates nothing, still requires manual programming.

  • Requires dozens of individual modes to program one time zone.

  • Touchscreen remote is an extra fee of over $500.

  • Touchscreen remote automates nothing, still requires manual programming.

  • Overly complicated touchscreen remote creates confusion for user.

  • Can only save and recall one layout.

  • Few color options for changing display, label, and date.

Not Reliable

  • Claims of RTC lifetime accuracy cannot be sustained.

  • Manual time setting process is complicated.

  • Zero multi-purpose functionality. 

  • Pay extra for 5-day manufacturing or wait 2-3 weeks for manufacturing. 

Energy Certified Display

  • We use certified energy star rated 7.0 commercial displays.

  • Product life extension controlled via touchscreen remote. Prolong display lifespan by scheduling user chosen on/off times for each day of the week. Example Monday-Friday display on at 7:55 A.M. off at 5:05 P.M. and off Saturday and Sunday. 

  • Only time zone system falling under the FAR 23.203 rules. 

Energy Certified Display

  • Competitors do not use energy certified products. 

TAA compliant/green energy LCD time zone clocks. 100% user-friendly. Customizable with built-in templates, database of 200,000 cities and military bases worldwide, color changeable background, time, label, and date. Forget manual time zone calculations and daylight savings adjustments. Our clock automatically loads all time/location settings, including centering labels, saving you time and effort. Easily save and recall thousands of formats using the included touchscreen remote for each clock, giving you convenient access at any time. Wireless and wired options available for high security areas of concern. TCXO-RTC and NTP capable for lifetime accuracy.
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7 Time Zone Clock With Date
6 Time Zone Clock With Date
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