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LCD Time Zone Clock. 24x7 Energy Star Rated Commercial Display. Customizable templates up to 18 time zones. Database with 200,00 cities and military bases worldwide. Automatically configures daylight savings, time zone offsets, and centers label. Included touchscreen remote with built in instructions. Customize color on background, time, label, and date. 12 or 24 Hour, 10 Year Lithium Battery, 1-Sec-A-Year Accurate (TCXO). Save thousands of customized templates. AKA: Time Zone Clock, LCD Time Zone Clock, Projector Time Zone Clock, AFB Time Zone Clock, Air Force Time Zone Clock, Navy Time Zone Clock, Army Time Zone Clock, Military Clock, Military Time, Military Time Zone, Military Time Zone Display, Timezone Clock, World Atomic Clock, World Clock, Timezoneclock, Wall Time Zone Clock, World Wall Clock, Digital Time Zone Clocks, Large Time Zone Clocks, Multiple Time Zone Clocks, Time Zone Wall Clock, Julian Date Clock, LCD Digital World Time Zone Clock, International Time Zone Clock, Netw


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