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TTC-SOFONLY-NW Time Zone Clock, Software Embedded Device, No wireless networking

TTC-SOFONLY-NW Time Zone Clock, Software Embedded Device, No wireless networking


If you already have an LCD screen installed at your location, you can save costs by opting for our software-only option. Our hardware/software combination allows for seamless connectivity to any 16:9 1080P/4K HD LCD, projector, or video wall using an HDMI connection. You can select from a range of 1-24 time zone templates and easily customize the background, time, label, and date with a variety of colors. The touchscreen remote is equipped with a searchable database containing 200,000 cities and military bases, making it effortless to find the desired location. Programming a template takes just minutes, and you can save thousands of templates to be retrieved whenever necessary. 

It's worth noting that all wireless networking capabilities, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, have been eliminated. All USB connections have been removed. Instead, the display is programmed via a direct Ethernet cable connection between the Remote Unit and the Display Unit. 




    30 Day Return Policy

    • Prior written authorization of TTC is required for all returns.
    • If you receive anything other than what you purchased that shows on the invoice, expect prompt re-shipment of correct items (prepaid shipping at TTC’s cost).
    • Items damaged in shipping can be returned in their original boxes, at no cost to the customer, and will be replaced with a new unit.
    • Merchandise to be returned rather than replaced, other than custom orders (custom orders may not be returned), will incur a 20% restocking fee. These returned items must be shipped in the original boxes and all return shipping costs will be the responsibility of the returning party.
    • Carrier is responsible for damaged parts and items. The carrier driver must sign for damaged carton on the delivery receipt, and the customer must make a claim with the freight company. Insist that the carrier’s representative conduct an inspection and retain all packing materials for the inspector.
    • If shorted an item on your shipment, immediately follow-up with TTC promptly with your report.
    • No action arising from any sale by TTC may be brought by a customer more than 6 months after the date of shipment.
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